Where’s the Love?

It was not too long ago that,

            after angry words were spoken

or piercing insults made,

            I would hear one ask the other,

“Where’s the love?”


When walls are constructed

            to keep us apart,

when belittlement

            replaces encouragement,

“Where’s the love?”


When broad accusations

            align with hate-filled rhetoric,

when lies dominate truth,

            “Where’s the love?”


When threats replace diplomacy,

            and ears stop listening,

when self-interest displaces compassion,

            “Where’s the love?”


When one religion claims all truth,

            when you are “in” and I am “out,”

when judgment disposes of grace,

            “Where’s the love?”


Where’s the love?

            Was it here yesterday,

but gone today?

            Have we lost our souls?


I hope not.


John E. Holt, Cotuit, Masaachusetts


One thought on “Where’s the Love?

  1. John-I believe you were in Syracuse at First Methodist when I was a lay leader at First Presbyterian. May I connect with you? I remember–and still have–some great church ads you did. Thanks. Ross Blake


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