Retirement Lurks

Retirement lurks.

 It snuck up on me.

A long sequestered question:

 Who am I?


I am NOT what I have.

If the stuff that I have stashed is all that I am,

what if I lose it all?

Then, who am I?


I am NOT what I do.

If a pastor’s call is what I am,

what happens when I hang up on that call?

Then, who am I?


I am NOT who others think I am.

If I am what they think,

what happens if they change their minds?

Then, who am I?


What I am is shaped by love.

Human love given and received.

Divine love gifted from the heavens.

That’s who I am.


I am who I am,

because love captured of my soul.

I cannot lose this love.

It is not mine to lose.


John E. Holt, Cotuit, Massachusetts



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